What should I consider when buying a private house?

In recent years the most profitable and win-win way to store cash, was the acquisition of real estate. First, the property can be taken out, and secondly, to use myself as the principal place of residence, and, finally, to sell after a major price increase. Based on recent trends the most profitable investment – buying a home. An important advantage is the fact that you are not dependent on other tenants. You automatically become a middle-or upper class society, depending on the value of zhilya. Glavnym when buying a private home should take into account the amount of finance, that you have. Loans at the time of serious crisis, banks are reluctant to give out, so better to first ask the price and find a sufficient amount of money on a house you like. If you do not want no trouble with the law, the most important thing to buy a house that is built on land designated solely for the construction, otherwise you will have a very real risk of being in a situation in which the inhabitants of Moscow were “known” Rechnik village. Sooner or later, in such a situation, you may be subject vyseleniyu. Sleduyuschim factor is the presence of all related communications: water, television, gas, electricity. Laying and connection of all utilities is the huge costs, sometimes exceeding the cost of the doma. Chastnye home, as well as apartments, divided into primary and secondary housing. Here again, you should evaluate the potential of your cash. If you want to move into a brand new house with brand-new, have to fork out. But also do not buy the house of the old buildings (more than 40 years). Then do not be surprised if suddenly you have a drip krysha.V U.S., unlike the former Soviet Union countries, the highest-quality places to stay are areas on the periphery of the city. The main advantage is the very low gas content and low levels of noise. At night when you sleep, you will not wake up screaming and the roar of the truck drunk tolpy. Samy important advice for the buyer to reduce the price every time, at the sight of the slightest defect, whether it is uneven paint, no tiles on the roof of slate or irregularly laid laminate. In other words, do not hesitate to bargain! No related posts.

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